General George and me

I went to California for a meeting in early January and I got sick. And then I stayed sick. All that banging on about finding one’s voice in my last post and I got this virus going around that attacks the voice box. So I lost my voice for awhile there, and while that went on along came a “secondary infection” to perch on the viral one I already had. So January was a bit of a bust.

I did watch a movie about Irish rock music. I learned more about the showbands from my last post on Josh Ritter’s song Monster Ballads. Some revising was in order, some rethinking and quite a bit of rewriting. It’s done and I feel better. See the sections on the showbands, chorus, and last verse if you’re interested.

You’re likely not interested.

Recently I casually mentioned my Katy-the-train Monster Ballads theory to a friend and fellow fan.

“Really?” She paused, and then shrugged. “I guess I thought Katy was just a girl.”

“Maybe she is,” I sighed, and we laughed.

Maybe she is.

What can I say—I enjoyed the journey. I wanted it to feel right—right for me, not capital-R Right. The song kept changing before my eyes, changing with me through time. There’s just enough to entice and elude you, the perfect balance. You hear what you want or need to hear. I realize that. I love that. And I bet you I’ll change my mind all over again someday.

But for now I’m working on something new. No steamboats, no Mississippi River, no Twain. No Katy. I thought I’d put a deadline up in lights, say February 12?

‘Til then.


Your thoughts most welcome.

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