Blowin’ up

Despite having my nose in a book and my focus on the last album, I do know that This is The Big Day! The new record, The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter, drops in America today. In the press release, Josh talks about needing to be somebody different, about wanting to blow something up, about trading in the gravitas of The Animal Years for gunslingers and missile silos.

Fast and fun seem to be the words. So, I’m following suit , trying a few things—for better of worse—that feel different, and fun.

And then I’ll write that Monster Ballads post. (And there will, I suspect, be gravitas.) I just haven’t had time yet.

Meanwhile, with warm Congratulations, and Thanks…

On August 21*

Abe fought Steve for Illinois
And the Louvre misplaced the real McCoy
While the saints appeared in misty Knock
And on Jarvis Isle the first boat did dock

King Gustav crossed out “coup d’etat”
And the rebel slaves followed Nat
While Quantrill’s shots in Lawrence sounded
And Hobart, Tasmania was founded

Bill Basie born in nineteen oh four
Stalingrad began to turn the war
And the man who said, “Know when to run”
Got dealt his hand ‘neath the Texas sun

The Gregorian counts it two three three
But that don’t matter much to me
What’s hot is that a man I know
Will this day boldly, bravely go

into the great white unexplored
into battle with glinting sword
calling forth those old good chords
and singing still to be adored

And Where, you ask, will I be?
Well, buying a piece of history
In search of fair conquistador
and vanquished at the record store.

*Source: Wikipedia


The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter

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