Girl in the Gloaming

Hello!  Welcome.

What happens when a literature buff and aspiring writer digs deep into the extraordinary music and mysteries woven by a bonafide lyrical genius? This.

If you haven’t met him already, allow me to introduce Josh Ritter.


  • A Time to Wait . . . Pondering two very different versions of the song Wait for Love off the Historical Conquests album. Dedicated to all of us still waiting.

Recommended Reading

  • Reading the Mississippi . . . Following Mark Twain down the Mississippi River in search of Josh Ritter . . . and a Dr. Seuss mash-up.
  • Bob Dylan at the Pines Theater . . . Just Dylan, no Josh. The Girl goes to a special concert and pens a love letter to a hero.
  • Say goodnight gloaming . . . Some autumnal angst while pondering some phrases from Thin Blue Flame.
  • Turning up the music . . . Possible sighting(s) of Josh’s Girl in the War in Copley Square, Boston. (And an NBA championship!)

Close readings of incredible songs

  • Girl meets Mark Twain . . . My discovery of the album The Animal Years leads to a rediscovery of Mark Twain.
  • Desert radio . . . Line by line through the enigmatic song Monster Ballads. My best impression of Sherlock Holmes. Awaiting my Pulitzer.
  • My own private Idaho . . . Excavating those haunting Idaho lyrics.  Guest starring Woody Guthrie and The White Stripes.
  • Again from his brumal sleep . . . A Wolves love story. Jack London and Rick Bass.  Some kvetching about winter.
  • To the blog or whoever . . . Initial impressions of Historical Conquests.  Plus a rewrite of To the Dogs or Whoever, of which I’m still pretty proud.

The Girl’s early writings and reflections

  • River days . . . Using the final verse of Monster Ballads to work through my move across town.  More nostalgia.
  • The past an address . . . Ode to my old apartment using one tiny phrase from Thin Blue Frame.
  • It could be best . . . the first Josh Ritter song I ever heard.
  • Last week’s feathers . . . Magnolia trees, an imminent move, some heartbreak.  And the song Snow is Gone.
  • Flight . . . More discussion of the song Snow is Gone, and a trip cross country.

Musings on albums and concerts

  • So ran the night away . . . My experience from the seats at Josh’s concert on May 21, 2010 at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Homecoming . . . About the time I road tripped to Michigan and back in four days for the 3.3.2008 show at the Ladies’ Literary Club in Grand Rapids.
  • Blowin’ up . . . A congratulatory post to honor the release of Historical Conquests. Includes the poem I wrote to ensure Josh assumed his proper place in history.
  • From protozoan to Ponce de León . . . Announcement of a new album and discussion of The Animal Years. Unabashed nostalgia.

Contact Me

Twitter: @girlgloaming
Email: girlinthegloaming [at] gmail [dot] com
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It means so much to hear from you, even if you say You’ve got it all wrong! If you get through a piece, please consider sending a note or leaving a comment.

Perhaps my favorite thing about Josh’s work is that it leaves so much room. He takes exceptional care of and with everything: he’s the most hospitable songwriter I know. One gets the feeling he likes company.

I do too.  So thanks for stopping by.

4 thoughts on “Girl in the Gloaming

    • Well that put a (bright) smile on my face. Thanks for sending in those kind words . . . Did my conscience put you up to it? Or my fitful, trammeled mind? Surely my brimming heart. You took the words right out of their three-part, harmonized chorus. I really want to but I find I

      I will.

Your thoughts most welcome.

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